Welcome! Thank you for joining in Awe and Reverence - Media that resonates, reflects, reverberates & ripples

Awe and Reverence Media gravitates to subjects that imbue inspiration, entertainment and connection with a deeper part of self, within and without.  

You aren’t alone in thinking that together we can design a different way to live.

Collectively, we’re ready to turn our hearts and minds towards innovative solutions and new models of relating. To align with people who have shared values and ethics. You’ve found us because you’re tapping into the resonance of reverence. In a world where much of our focus is consumed by heaviness and perceived problems, Awe and Reverence Media shifts that energy. We celebrate visionaries who reflect the wonder of our world and inspire quantitative actions. We ask them why they do what they do and listen deeply.

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What we offer

From Belgrade to Beirut, Awe and Reverence has been activating socially-awake media. While living and working from Europe and the UK, operating as Mortal Coil Media, we were primarily focused on film production and professional photography. Now we offer other multimedia services including short, high-impact videos, broadcast quality audio, meme maps, and digital/print projects.

Connect and empower

We create media as means to connect, to engage, to transform, to shift perspectives and inspire. With gratitude and reverence, we document those conscious community leaders who are courageously stepping into the unknown.

And we’re always stretching ourselves to do more, learn more, and to find new ways of healing the body, mind and spirit. We also design artistic, self-sustaining homes and gardens based on the principles of permaculture. These new physical pathways help us find solidarity in our surroundings and balance in our communities.

We don’t ignore problems: we offer solutions.

We’re in a time of change and transition. The choices we make going forward can heal the past, and the collective unconscious. The media we create is a means for collaborators to connect,engage, transform, inspire and think about things differently. Let’s join forces to inspire, and be inspired. Let’s reverberate in this world and beyond through spirituality, storytelling, permaculture and art. Let’s resonate within Awe and Reverence. Thanks for joining us!

“We awake to fascination and we strive to fascinate….so that we can bring forth what might otherwise disappear.”
Brian Swimme 

Seeds of Tao Podcast

Josh Prieto interviews Dana Wilson – exploring her permaculture journey through media and film.

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Current Projects

Reclaiming our Hearts

Creative Inspiration

Permaculture Future

Permaculture Helps

The first in a series of approximately 45 short videos with global visionary leaders in the permaculture movement that share their wisdom on the world they would like to see, the future of permaculture and more. To support in this incredible project, please contact dswilsons(at)gmail.com for more details. More videos are at www.vimeo.com/permaculturedesigns

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