Dana Wilson is a Permaculture Designer and Media Producer who specializes in community stewardship and integrated living.

With her production company, Awe and Reverence Media, Dana is passionate about co-creating socially relevant works that focus on social justice and inclusion, planetary wellness, Indigenous and
intercultural issues, women and youth, spirituality and ecological design.

She’s a celebrated media professional that has done film production, photography and iBook creation. She has worked internationally on projects throughout the Middle East, East Africa, Central Europe, the UK, Canada and India.

Dana also co-designs ecological and holistic garden ecosystems. Her consultation services include site assessment and mapping, soil building, design and installation of self-regulating garden systems.

As a Photojournalist, Dana freelanced for publications such as The Washington Post (US), National Public Radio (USA) Marie Claire (CZ), and The Calgary Sun (CA). She was Photo Editor of The Prague
Post for 3 years. Her photographs have appeared in international exhibitions, including the world’s largest photo event, CONTACT (CA).

Films she has produced have screened internationally at festivals that include DOXA (CAN), Full Frame Festival (USA) and É Tudo Verdade (BR) and have been broadcast on Al Jazeera, CNN, RTP and STV.

Dana is featured in The Smart Farm Project, working to change bylaws on land stewardship and localized food and energy systems. She lives in a tiny home that she helped design and build on the Sunshine Coast, in western Canada.

For more information or to contact Dana, please email dswilsons(at)gmail.com

Artist Statement

Media Resonates

Media carries a resonant charge that ripples and reverberates through those that engage with it.

When I walk into a garden or forest, I feel a sense of tranquility and groundedness. A room filled with artwork engages my curiosity, sensitivity and childlike wonder. When I take a photograph or create a video, there is often a mix of sensations: often adrenaline, compassion or deep inspiration, but I may also experience revulsion, curiosity or deep sadness.

Beyond sensitivity for the subject matter and awareness of the impact I have on the content with my presence, I am also aware of the technical and artistic considerations.

All these aspects of media production are loaded with resonance. And of course whether I am the media maker or viewer, the emotions are relational.

Media Reflects

In a world where people are consumed by perceived problems, Awe and Reverence Media celebrates visionaries who reflect the wonder of the world around us and inspire quantitative actions that make a difference.

Media Reverberates

Awe and Reverence Media does not ignore problems: we offer solutions. The media we create is a means for collaborators to connect, engage, transform, inspire and think about things differently.

We aim to immortalize what you do so that it will reverberate in your world and beyond. We provide solutions to those that use tools such as spirituality, storytelling, permaculture and art.

Media Ripples

If you seek to extend the reach and ripple of your message, Awe & Reverence Media produces high impact short videos with broadcast quality audio, photographs and meme maps (please see portfolio for samples).

I am your media maker if you and what you do involves:

  • Care for the Earth and all its inhabitants
  • Social engagement and nature connection
  • Minimizing, circulating or localizing community resources/currency
  • Celebration and ceremony