Social Permaculture, 2015

A free book made at a Social Permaculture class with Starhawk, Robin Clayfield, Robina McCurdy, Looby Macnamara and Peter Cow. Includes some great social permaculture design upgrades.

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Bullocks 2016

A free book made at an Advanced Permaculture Design Course at the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead, one of the oldest and best Cool Climate Permaculture Sites. Includes Plant lists and other design upgrades.

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Applewood 2015

A free book made at a Teacher Training with Rosemary Morrow and Looby Macnamara. Contains some great upgrades for teachers.

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Several published magazine articles in Permaculture Design Magazine, PIP, and Permaculture Magazine together with Delvin Solkinson, Annalise Hordern, Dana Wilson and Kym Chi

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