The Oasis

Are you seeking a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy? 
A spacious place in nature for gathering like-minded people?
A site where you can host workshops or have play spaces?
A place to reconnect with yourself and the Earth?

This is the place for you…

A visit to The Oasis is a return to balance and tranquility. 
An opportunity to remember who you are and why you are here. 

The spacious farm oasis in the arid drylands of central BC, provides a living education, retreat and workshop centre with events and gatherings in harmony with nature. 

Majestic wilds compel an invite
Welcome to The Oasis 

The Oasis wants to host healing circles, be a safe space for community as well as a beacon for how to live in connection with nature and authentically with one another.

The Vision and Mission

An off-grid homestead, evolving into a centre for permaculture education, arts & creativity, healing and energy medicine, ceremony and gathering, The Oasis is testing its foundations to see what groups best fit and how we can support. 

The Oasis is about bringing harmony and balance to people looking to recalibrate or recenter.

Living more harmoniously with nature provides a bridge for those seeking to connect and develop a deeper relationship with the earth, beyond the more-than-human world.

Growing gardens, nurturing plants, preparing locally grown food, making medicine, creating original art and construction projects, connecting deeply through authentic communication, tuning into the land and trees, and co-creating ceremony are underway. 

How do we extend this to a wider community and create a more regenerative culture?

We are calling out to:

  • Healers, therapists, teachers, permaculture designers, gardeners, artists and alchemists who want to be in nature, want connection and are willing to gather
  • Teachers and writers who want to share their vision and want quiet retreat space to gather their thoughts and put pen to paper
  • Students of permaculture, carpenters or gardeners
If this speaks to you… Present us with a proposal with your needs and requests for a space of healing and we will determine together if we accommodate.

The Oasis

Located on St’át’imc territory in the interior of BC, The Oasis’ garden has been cultivated over 28 years without pesticides, chemicals or GM products. There are more than 22 established fruit trees (apple, pear, apricot, plum, filbert), red and yellow raspberries, gooseberries, black and red currants, strawberries and grapes. A built-into-the-hillside root cellar and indoor pantry offer an abundance of space for garden wares year round. 

A quarter acre of mature and fertile raised beds

What to expect

It might be may hard to find space, especially in the current climate to gather and perform healing activities. The Oasis is taking British Columbia’s current protocols into consideration. We are keeping our activities extremely discrete in our foundational stages to ensure a safe environment for those that attend and those that live here.

We have a large main house with wood floors and beautiful vaulted ceiling lined with fir. It is made for dancing and gatherings with a large pioneer airtight cook stove as the heart and source of radiating heat for the house. A bedroom is on each end and a healing room separates the smaller. 

A separate cabin is just beyond, with two rooms, each with access to outside and a door between.

Construction of the Maloka – a gathering place named to honour a Peruvian connection

We are currently in the construction phase of a 236 square foot temple space that will also be used for gatherings and ceremony. 

The Oasis has living water from a nearby creek in the summer, and spring in the autumn, fresh air, trees and nature nooks, nearby access to wild spaces and water ways. We provide organic wholesome food, much of it grown on site. We can also provide a schedule for morning meditation, yoga, qigong and a structure for other facilitated activities. There are also wonderful nature escapes nearby for simple getaways. 

Perhaps you want to get away with your family. 
Participate in special medicine journeys. 
Have a writing retreat.

How can we connect in a way that people can feel safe to come together? What can we offer one another? 

Initially, we will work with groups (10-15people) that want more focused workshops and that are keen for camping and glamping (more glamorous than camping) as well as smaller groups that can share in the rooms we have on offer. The smaller the group, the more privacy you will have.

Interactive community mural on the cabin

On the future

Let’s say it’s an evolving mystery… and, we have a unique opportunity to bring community together in a way that is legacy-oriented.

Let’s be in awe and reverence 
Eat homegrown organic food
Have a minimal ecological footprint
Feel the ever expansive core of our being and how it can harmonize and synergize with others

Can we do this together?

Contact us at oasisbc(at)